Vitamin-D für Darmbarriere?

Vitamin-D ,,könnte” wichtig sein für die Barrierfunktion im Darm und ,,könnte” bei entzündlichen Darmerkrankungen helfen. Am Menschen muss aber noch mehr geforscht werden, da vieles noch aus dem Tierversucht stammt.


,,Globally, the results of studies described above show that the effects of vitamin D signaling in the gut result in strengthened barrier function and enhanced innate immune responses. These actions are conducive to healthy microbiota and prevention of

infection. Vitamin D also acts to attenuate inflammatory T cellmediated adaptive immune responses, which are associated with IBD. Much of the work analyzing the role of vitamin D signaling in intestinal homeostasis was performed in mice, and it is important

to keep in mind that the specific mechanisms of vitamin D signaling in humans are not always conserved in rodents. Nonetheless, experiments performed in mice are generally supportive of results obtained with human cells. In addition, randomized control trials in

patients with IBD support a role of vitamin D as a protective agent against the pathogenesis of Crohn’s disease, a condition associated with defects in intestinal immune homeostasis, and suggest that

vitamin D supplementation may be of therapeutic benefit to those with active disease.”


,,The above findings would be consistent with vitamin D deficiency contributing to the pathogenesis of Crohn’s disease, and are generally supported by the results of intervention studies. vitaminD supplementation in US veterans suffering from IBD was associated

with a reduction in disease-associated medical and laboratory tests and medication use (Youssef et al., 2012).”


Vitamin D signaling in intestinal innate immunity and homeostasis. –

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